Saturday, 11 July 2009


During a late afternoon walk on Saturday 11th around East Mersea Point, was able to admire several sea holly clumps, one pictured above, on the beach. Many sea hollies that have grown along the beach here have succumbed to the high tides and got washed away. Those that do get a foothold back from the high tide-line, have to hope that they don't get trampled on by the visitors to the Point.

Some of the very prickly blue flowers are on show at the moment and several small wasps and flies were busy feeding on the flowers.

The tide was just on its way out and although there was quite a bit of mud already exposed at the Point, there was a surprising absence of waders. After a while small flocks of 30 curlew began to fly over the Point to feed on the East Mersea mudflats along with 10 black-tailed godwits, 8 redshank, 10 golden plover and 5 turnstone. A male reed bunting sang from the sea-blite bushes at the Point and a little tern flew past over the water.

By the park beach 100 sand martins were seen close to the cliff where many are still nesting. In the trees by the cliff-top the young sparrowhawk chicks were sitting quietly in their nest. Along the dyke the female pochard was with her 5 ducklings and a tufted duck was also seen in a nearby dyke.

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