Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Richard Brown phoned me on Tuesday 2nd, to say 5 waxwings were back at the Legion car park in West Mersea. The photo above shows the bush in front of the silver car where the waxwings have been seen feeding on the rosehips. The birds have returned to the same spot, having disappeared 3 days ago on the Saturday morning.

The birds had been seen in this bush in mid-afternoon, retreating to the big trees behind in the school gardens. Six birds were watched, some of them dropping down to feed on some cotoneaster berries, before the flock flew up to a tree-top. We then realised when the flock flew over our heads back to a tree in the car park there were actually 11 birds. They perched up briefly but then flew west along Barfield Road trilling as they went and then perched high over the cemetery at about 3.50pm. I'm not sure if they were relocated anywhere after this.

On the way back to the country park, stopped by the side of the road to have a close look at this badger that was found a few days ago dead on the East Mersea road near Fen Farm.The local Badger Group have been notified about it in case they want to have a closer look at the animal. Strangely the animal was found with masses of wood pigeon feathers lying on and around it.

The distinctive calls of the Mediterranean gull was heard as it headed south-west past Shop Lane towards the Coopers Beach.

At the park 3 snow buntings were still present in the morning at the Point and 8 linnets were also seen here. Up river 8 red-breasted mergansers were seen and a marsh harrier over Langenhoe. The sunny weather inspired a few birds to sing and a meadow pipit performed its parachute display flight and a few skylarks were singing too.

On the grazing fields several lapwings were doing their tumbling floppy display flight to their rivals over the waterlogged meadows. During the high tide roost 200 black-tailed godwits were seen wheeling over the fields. Near the Golfhouse 50 redwings were seen flying between fields.

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