Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Alan Reynolds kindly passed these pictures of some waders he photographed at Cudmore Grove during his visit to the park on Friday 13th.
The redshank pictured above, with it's distinctive "reddish" legs is a common bird around the coastline especially in the winter.

There have been more sanderling this winter along the beach, best looked for around high tide.

The black-tailed godwits are often seen feeding in the grazing fields either on the grass or wading through the pools like these birds pictured above.

The big curlews with their long downcurved bills are often to be seen roosting in the fields during the high tides.

Some of the recent golden plover flocks in the fields have involved 800 - 1000 birds. Sometimes the flocks can be seen resting on the nearby mudflats.

The markings of the common snipe help them blend in with their surroundings with around 30 to be seen on or near the pools in the fields.

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