Sunday, 24 March 2013


A blurred shot of a fieldfare hurriedly snapped through the park's office window late on Sunday 24th, after a flock of 100 decided to drop into the car park. Not many other birds around during another cold day with the snow from yesterday still covering the ground. Amongst the 100 fieldfares that found a small corner of snow-free grass to feed on were 5 redwing. After a few minutes the flock flew back west.

A few human footprints in the snow at the park, not many visitors to the park today. Feeding along the sheltered cliff-top path was a group of 20 blackbirds, 3 song thrushes and a mistle thrush. At the park pond a little egret was sheltering out of the breeze under the willow tree, whilst a few gadwall, shoveler and tufted duck fed round the edge.

Snow covered most of the grazing fields with 300 wigeon and 50 teal nibbling grass along the edge of the dyke and also inside the seawall too. At the Point a marsh harrier flew low over the saltings, sending a few wigeon into the air, as it headed low south-east towards Colne Point. A short while later a peregrine was glimpsed briefly as it hurtled rapidly past the Point heading down-river. Around 25 great crested grebes were in the river Colne with a handful of red-breasted mergansers too.

Snow showers blew strongly from the east across the park throughout most of the previous day on Saturday 23rd. The main bird of note seen during a quick circuit round the park at the end of the day was a solitary chiffchaff calling loudly from bushes alongside the car park. It flew over to the roadside hedgerow along Bromans Lane still calling, the sight of all this snow around would be a big shock to its system.

At the park pond a sparrowhawk appeared out of the copse just before dusk along with some startled 200 wood pigeons and 20+ stock doves. A snipe was feeding on a boggy unfrozen bit of grass beside the pond.

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