Sunday, 4 August 2013


Mersea wildlife enthusiast Charles Williams attended the recent mothing night at the park on 23rd July and took a number of photos of the moths around the traps that night. This is a selection of some of his photos he passed onto me.
Above is the big privet hawkmoth.

The underside image of a magpie moth as it rested on the side of the trap.

Several big and furry drinker moths were seen that night.

The dainty latticed heath pictured above.

This scarce silver lines appears to have a tatty edge to one of its wings.

The very flat looking oak-hook-tip with its curved corners to the wings.

The buff-tip looking like a snapped off birch twig.

The brown-tail showing the dark brown tip to the abdomen hidden beneath white wings.

The clouded border has the dark patches around the edges of the wings.

The colourful ruby tiger pictured above.

The dark arches has enjoyed a good July coinciding with the heatwave period.

The numerous summer chafer has been turning up in the moth trap regularly through July.

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