Thursday, 21 August 2014


 Always nice to see at least one spotted flycatcher at the country park each year and this one was found on Thursday morning beside the aptly named "spotted flycatcher gate". This corner of field near the park entrance has become the best place to find spotted flycatchers on the Island in recent years.

This bird pictured above amongst the leaves of a cherry tree, was first seen in a dead tree right beside the five bar wooden gate, having just caught a big juicy fly.

One adder was seen in the morning at the park.

An evening walk along the seawall near Shop Lane was in breezy and dull conditions. In the Colne a feeding frenzy of 60+ common terns gathered near Langenhoe Point. Along the Pyefleet 100 avocets, 50 black-tailed godwits, 4 bar-tailed godwits, 5 grey plover, one knot, 100 dunlin, 40 ringed plover and three golden plover were of interest.

Three marsh harriers flew over Langenhoe Point and a common seal swam up-channel as the tide came in.
The Reeveshall pool has dried up a bit since my last visit here and this evening a pair of swans, 3 black-tailed godwit, lapwing and 3 mallard were the only birds present while 12 yellow wagtails were with the cows.
A pair of little grebes were on the dyke by the Oyster Fishery while one little grebe youngster was calling from the nearby pond presumably part of another family.

As moth numbers dwindle as summer fades, it's still nice to find two big poplar hawkmoths in the moth trap at the park on Thursday morning. The last couple of nights there's been a chill in the northerly breeze resulting in less moth activity.

The rosy rustic colouration matches the colour of fallen leaves where it can spend the day hiding away. It's a common moth with several individuals being noted already over the last two or three weeks.

Looking like a bird dropping is the Chinese character moth, another widespread moth. This individual is part of the second generation this year, the first one appeared back in the spring.

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