Thursday, 7 May 2015


A pair of avocets was on the pools in the park's grazing fields on Thursday 7th and when a third bird dropped in, a lot of squabbling took place. Even the 15 black-tailed godwits were being chased off by one of the avocets. Three pairs were seen on the saltmarsh pools by the Golfhouse on Sunday 3rd.

At least two of the week-old lapwing chicks were still present in the fields with the parents watching over close-by. Other birds in the fields were one brent goose, 2 greylag geese, ten teal, pair of shoveler, yellow wagtail flying over, a handful of redshank while on the pond a pochard and 8 tufted duck.

Around the park 3 swifts passed over, 2 singing lesser whitethroats, sparrowhawk to the north of the park and a Mediterranean gull calling in flight.

In the early evening a barn owl was hunting the grass field to the north of the park while a little owl perched over Bromans Lane as night fell.

On a windy Wednesday 6th two little terns and a common tern was seen flying out of the Colne by Andy Field.

Perching beside a path at the country park was this colourful goldfinch on Monday 4th. Also in this area was a spotted flycatcher, an unexpected find by Andy Field which was only on view for about half an hour at the most before disappearing. The other notable migrant found that day was a willow warbler singing from trees near the overflow car park.

Also at the park that day a female cuckoo was watched as it uttered its bubbling call in the car park, two swifts flew north-west, thirteen brent geese flew along the shoreline, while two common terns flew out of the river.

Several swifts were seen flying over the houses on Sunday 3rd with two over Upland Road and three over Queen Ann Road seen by David Nicholls. At least six swifts were also seen the next day over the houses, while a house martin was seen at Queens Corner prospecting the eaves of a house.

 This green hairstreak appeared in view along the park path while Andy and I were watching the spotted flycatcher, here's Andy's nice picture.

This big pale-brown female adder was basking in the sun at the park on Thursday. It seemed to spend most of the morning in the same area, puffing out its body to get the most sun on it. A common lizard was also basking nearby.
An adder was also seen on the seawall at Maydays farm on Monday 4th by Martin Cock.

Tucked into some of the shaded corners of the park are a few patches of bluebells at their peak, like this patch under an oak tree near the car park.

Only a handful of plants of the cuckoo flower have shown this spring in the little pasture near the pond.
The cuckoo was heard calling at the beginning of the day to the north of the park.

Resting on this bramble stalk was this caterpillar of the oak eggar, which should emerge as a large adult moth later in the summer.

Recent nights at the park have not been good for moth activity although this V-pug was one of just half a dozen moths that were noted in the trap in the morning of Monday 4th.

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