Monday, 1 August 2016


Two little ringed plovers were found by Martin Cock on the pool just inside the Reeveshall seawall on Wednesday 27th. One of the birds later flew off but the other stayed around for two more days. These two photos were taken by Andy Field. The little ringed plover is a scarce passage wader to the Island.

The little ringed plover spent time feeding around the muddy margins, sometimes disappearing in the nearby club-rush.  
The bird was probably hiding in the rushes when I visited the area late on Thursday 28th, as the only birds present were 3 green sandpipers and a grey heron. However the little ringed plover was still present on Friday morning.

The Pyefleet was graced on Wednesday by the unusual sight of nine Egyptian geese drifting in the channel, witnessed by Andy who snapped this image above. This is the first time a flock of these geese has ever been seen at the Island, with the handful of previous sightings only involving singles or of a pair of birds. This flock headed up the Pyefleet and have not been seen again.

This male ruddy darter was photographed by Andy as it rested on a thistle head.

Several meadow browns can be seen fluttering along the seawall at the moment, this one also photographed by Andy.

As dusk on Thursday approached a big flock of 500+ sand martins were flying around over the Langenhoe Point ready for the evening roost. Also at least 30 swallows flying about too.
There was high tide along the Pyefleet, pictured above, so not many waders noted except on the roost on Peewit Island where 100 avocet and 300 black-tailed godwits were seen. One whimbrel flew off the saltmarsh calling.

Several terns were seen, some initially on the beach at Langenhoe Point where 15 little terns were resting, while later 12 common terns were fishing with six little terns in the Pyefleet.

On Reeveshall two yellowhammers were heard singing, ten linnets were noted by the seawall and one young sparrowhawk was still calling in the Shop Lane wood.

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