Wednesday, 21 December 2016


 The red squirrel made another visit to our Firs Chase garden on Friday 16th, spending at least twenty minutes at the nut feeder in this cedar tree. This individual has got some nice long tufts on the ears.

 It paused for a while on its way back up the tree from the feeder beneath.

 A few minutes were spent feeding at the feeder, nibbling away at a mix of nuts. The long bushy tail curling under the feeder.

Judging by the amount of nuts missing from the feeder at the end of each day, this red squirrel (or others) has been a daily visitor for about three weeks now. A cupful of nuts is lasting about ten days at the moment. This visit was mid morning and after it finished feeding, it scampered up and over Firs Chase into the trees on the other side of the road.

Although it looks like it's sticking its tongue out for the camera, it has a nut in its mouth!

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