Wednesday, 10 May 2017


A pair of goldfinches spent some time in the Firs Chase garden feeding on dandelion seed-heads on the lawn on Saturday 6th. Hopping around on the grass, they tucked into the nice crop of dandelions that have been allowed to grow during this recent dry spell.

One pair of blackbirds has been successful in getting at least two chicks to near full fledged in the back garden at Firs Chase. These two chicks were enjoying a bathe and drink from the bird-bath whilst waiting for a parent to return with food. On one occasion the mother was seen successfully extracting a juicy snail from inside its shell, to feed to one of the chicks.

Other birds noted in and around the garden were the singing blackcap and chiffchaff and song thrush while overhead a kestrel passed over on Sunday and then a sparrowhawk circled above on Monday 8th. The first swifts seen over the house were a couple on Sunday 7th and two whimbrel called as they flew north-east high over Firs Chase.

Four holly blue butterflies were seen around the garden during the sunny spells on Saturday 6th, also an orange-tip and a large white were seen passing through too.

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