Thursday, 26 October 2017


The regular female red squirrel spent half an hour at the Firs Chase garden feeder on Sunday 22nd. It spent five minutes staring into the garden with its tail flat over its back, probably waiting for me to finish watching it!

Having spent most of the summer months ignoring the nut feeder and just gnawing at the antler horn most days, she seems to have remembered how tasty the nut mix is.

This female red squirrel has dark tuftless ears and a dark brown back. She is a regular drinker at the cup which had to be topped up again on Sunday.
A male is also visiting most days too although staying only briefly each time to feed or drink. A third red squirrel has recently been making appearances too with slight ear tufts and a typically orange-red  coat.
On Tuesday 17th, the feeder-cam picked up seven different visits during the day to the feeders by the three different red squirrels between 7.10am and 4.50pm.

Once the dark female had finished at the nut feeder it scampered along the garden fence, stopping off to eat some Russian vine leaves, pictured above, before crossing into a neighbour's garden.

Sheila Rayner saw two red squirrels, one on either side of the East Mersea road near Shop Lane early on Monday 23rd.

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