Friday, 8 June 2018


Up to three red squirrels have been visiting the feeder in the Firs Chase garden daily for the last fortnight at least. One of the squirrels is this young male with a bushy tail and greyish tinge to the flanks.

Another red squirrel visiting is this male also with a bushy tail. There is still a regular female with a very straggly tail which visits each day. The feeders are having to be topped up twice a week at the moment, which is great to see.

Two red squirrels on the cedar tree on Sunday 3rd. On another occasion the female quite aggressively chased another squirrel who had dared to try and visit the feeder at the same time.
On Wednesday 30th three red squirrels were watched for nearly an hour first thing in the morning, feeding as well as lots of chasing up and down the tree, but most interestingly two of them popping in and out of a nestbox several times which was good to see for the first time.

One of the red squirrels peering down through the branches of the cedar tree.

Had a report of two grey squirrels being seen in a Shop Lane garden next to the pub on Wednesday 30th. Traps have been set to try and catch them.

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