Monday, 1 October 2018


This sparrowhawk was recently seen feeding on a pigeon in the West Mersea garden of David Nicholls in Queen Ann Road.

David photographed the sparrowhawk as it breakfasted on his lawn from his living room window.

Hundreds of Ivy Bees have been feeding on the ivy flowers in David's garden through the latter part of September. This bee is a recent colonist to the UK and was first seen in Dorset in 2001 and has since spread across southern counties.

A hummingbird hawkmoth provided another bit of interest in David's garden, this one resting on one of his bee-boxes on Sunday 30th. It's missing one of its antenna on the head.

In East Mersea this chiffchaff was photographed by Michael Thorley in his garden near Meeting Lane on Wed 26th.

This speckled wood was photographed by Michael in his garden too on Tuesday 25th.

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