Saturday, 18 May 2019


There's been an interesting variety of wildlife in the Firs Chase garden over the last week.
This goldfinch dropped onto the lawn to feed on some of the dandelion seed-heads, having to stand on the stalks to reach the seeds.

The soft cooing of the stock dove over recent weeks is a new sound for the garden here. The doves are probably nesting in one of the red squirrel boxes high up in the tree. One of the birds was seen for the first time feeding on the ground beside the bird feeders.

A large red damselfly was flying about the back garden on Wednesday 14th, always nice to see here.

Also on the same day the first azure damselfly of the season was also seen in the garden.

At least four holly blues have been fluttering around the bushes, especially the holly bush in flower, where this one was seen resting. Other butterflies have been small whites, large white, orange-tips and a peacock.

A slow-worm was resting in the compost pile on one of the recent sunny days.

The young red squirrels are still visiting the garden feeder several times a day and still getting through a cupful of nuts each day. Not seen any adults recently, unless they've been visiting very early morning.

A mother and young muntjac deer were seen beside the Firs Chase garden late on Thursday 16th. Two young fox cubs were in the driveway late on Friday 17th, while a badger was seen recently in the neighbouring garden of the Daniels.

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