Tuesday, 29 December 2009


The thawing of snow and ice of recent days has left behind a saturated ground, especially on the park grazing fields, pictured above on Tuesday 29th. To add to all the water everywhere, it rained again in the afternoon and evening, making a dull and damp Tuesday.

The dull weather seemed to dampen down the bird activity about the park with the main interest being the waders and wildfowl on the pond and on the flooded grazing field. On the pond 50 mallard, 12 gadwall and 6 shoveler were the main ducks along with a recent influx of 6 tufted ducks. A snipe flew over the pond towards the flooded field nearby and a song thrush was the only other bird of note here in the afternoon rain.

Ducks were spread over the flooded field with 100 teal being the main species along with 10 wigeon, 10 shoveler and 6 gadwall. Also enjoying the wet conditions were 20 black-tailed godwits, 3 redshank and a grey plover. Most of the wigeon seemed to be on the sea with at least 200 birds bobbing on the water.
A quiet day!

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