Friday 31 July 2020


Several interesting moths were trapped in the Firs Chase back garden during ten nights in the second half of July. Numbers recorded seemed lower than expected considering how hot it had been.
The most notable moth was this plumed fan-foot on the 30th, which although slowly spreading in Essex, is still a scarce moth. Another plumed fan-foot was also recorded a week later.

Just one drinker moth was noted during the summer with one on the 26th. They are more common in grassland areas.

The large oak eggar is a widespread moth, this one seen on 17th July.

The festoon started to become a regular sight across the county a few years ago, this one on the 16th July was the only one this summer here.

Several fen wainscots were seen during the summer, this one on the 17th.

A couple of dusky sallows were recorded. It is more numerous at the country park at East Mersea where there is plenty of grassland.

Just two broad-bordered yellow underwings were noted in the second half of July. It seemed a poor month for the various species of yellow underwings.

Other moth species of interest in the garden during the second half of July included toadflax brocade, gypsy moth, lots of tree-lichen beauties, pine hawkmoth, elephant hawkmoth and several box moths.

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