Thursday, 1 July 2021


Plenty of dragonfly and damselfly activity was photographed by Michael Thorley in his East Mersea garden near Meeting Lane during mid June. Here a female emperor dragonfly was egg-laying in the garden pond on the 15th.

Female emperor dragonfly egg-laying

Broad-bodied chaser egg-laying.

Female broad-bodied chaser seen amongst the water crowfoot.

A four-spotted chaser perched beside the garden pond.

 The broad-bodied chaser seen by the pond.

 The four spots show up well on each pair of wings here on the four-spotted chaser.

A large red damselfly was resting on  a water lily flower.

Female azure damselfly egg-laying.

Male blue-tailed damselfly

A beautiful demoiselle was reported by Michael in his garden on Saturday 12th. This is the first record for the Island.

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