Wednesday, 22 April 2015


This fine looking male wheatear had stopped off at Reeveshall to feed-up during its passage to northern breeding grounds, here photographed by Glyn Evans during his walk along the north side of the Island on Monday 20th. Three other wheatears were also seen between Reeveshall and Ivy Farm.

Four whimbrel were noted along the Pyefleet, feeding up on the Island during their northwards migration.

For the last few weeks several pairs of lapwing have been performing their acrobatic display flights over the country park's grazing fields, as captured here by Glyn.

The recent sunny weather has got the male lapwings up in the air, while the females sit tight on their nests on the ground.

Little egrets are a familiar sight along the north side of the Island, here wading through the saltmarsh.

A male linnet perching up, one or two small flocks can be found in the spring. Numbers much reduced in recent years from the big flocks of the past.

This lone brent goose looks a bit ragged and maybe not well enough for the flight back to Siberia for the summer.
A flight of avocets, some of them maybe thinking about nesting somewhere on the Island.

Just like the flying ducks hanging on the wall, except here's a male gadwall in between a pair of mallard over the park's grazing fields.

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