Thursday, 16 April 2015


The country park had its first serious moth-trapping session of the year with eleven traps dotted about the place. Eight of the traps belonged to Chris Williams visiting from Staffordshire who'd come to sample some of Essex's moth specialities for the second year running.

Despite the weather being very warm during Wednesday 15th, the sea-breeze picked up towards the end of the day bringing a chill with it. Clear skies brought the temperatures down to just four degrees overnight. The final tally across all traps was about 250 individuals of 25 species.

The target species was sloe carpet, the national rarity that's mainly found in parts of East Anglia, including the country park in the past. Traps were set close to the flowering blackthorn bushes and this individual was one of three found by dawn.

The northern drab that occurs in Essex is a plainer individual than those found elsewhere in the country.

The country park does well with blossom underwings and this one was one of six recorded at the park.

The herald moth is a widespread and common moth but it's always a nice moth to see with its striking colour and patterning.

Amongst the various species of quaker moth was this powdered quaker, the first one of the season.

About half a dozen frosted greens turned up at the traps, some of them very dark green.

Other moths noted during Wednesday night were waved umber, early thorn, early grey, hebrew character, common quaker, small quaker, clouded drab, red chestnut, brindled pug, oak-tree pug, shoulder-stripe, streamer, March moth and dotted border.

This pine beauty was found in the moth trap after the previous night's session on Tuesday. Also the first blossom underwing was noted amongst a general catch of 30 moths.

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