Tuesday, 1 December 2015


An inquisitive weasel was seen running across the main car park at Cudmore Grove on Monday 30th. It disappeared into the vegetation under the trees before coming back out again, whereupon a couple of pied wagtails tried to mob it.

A bit later the weasel was seen again near the buildings where at one point it scampered under the portacabin office as I looked down on it. Amidst its frenetic darting and dashing about, it stopped momentarily for a few pictures to be snapped.
At one point the weasel disappeared down a hole with a removable wooden post in it, checking for mice or other small rodents.
Don't often get to see brown hares near the park so was pleased to see this one crouched down fifty metres from the park entrance in a neighbouring wheat field. It was doing a very good job at keeping a very low profile with its head down and ears folded along its back.
One curlew has become a regular visitor to the small grass field beside the pond, providing close views from the hide as it walks about feeding. Also 24 black-tailed godwits also feeding on the same area of wet ground.

Six siskins flew into the alders to feed in the morning, while on the park a fieldfare flew away chacking loudly. Twenty blackbirds were noted about the park and near the pond.

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