Thursday, 3 December 2015


A selection of birds seen recently at Cudmore Grove were photographed by Alan Reynolds during his visit on Wednesday 25th, when he walked to the East Mersea Point.
Here a close-up of a sanderling on the edge of the mud.

 Three sanderling pictured above, the best time to see these birds is high tide or just after while they are still close enough to the beach.

A group of bar-tailed godwits seen flying past the East Mersea Point.

Another typical sight is seeing the oystercatchers in flight, here passing the Point.

Common redshanks are common everywhere at the park in winter, either roosting or feeding on the grazing fields, feeding in the saltmarsh creeks or out on the mudflats.

Grey plover is one of four species of plover seen at the park, along with golden, ringed and the lapwing.

Numbers of wigeon have been averaging a thousand birds feding in the fields recently.

A group of brent geese drinking in one of the freshwater pools in the park's fields.

Up to ten skylarks have been seen recently with some feeding on the beach such as this one above.

Linnet numbers have dropped since the autumn but one or two birds still feed in the sea-blite bushes at the Point, where this one has perched.

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