Thursday, 27 April 2017


A newly arrived reed warbler in for the summer was photographed at the Rewsalls Marshes by Andy Field on Tuesday 25th. Normally skulking in the reeds, this bird obliged nicely for these two great photos.

This reed warbler was heard singing along one of the reed-filled ditches, where several pairs nest each year.

Reed warbler was also noted by Andy later on Tuesday afternoon along the dyke at the Strood where a sedge warbler was heard and seen singing. A yellow wagtail 2 whimbrel and a dozen house sparrows by the Strood.

 On the Youth Camp beach on Tuesday, this sanderling was one of 35 photographed by Andy.

The sanderling are beginning to moult into their darker breeding plumage.

Also noted on the Youth Camp beach were 20 turnstone, one pictured here by Andy, also a single ringed plover and two whimbrel noted.

Two swifts flying over the Rewsalls marshes on Tuesday were the first ones seen over the Island this spring.

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