Tuesday, 11 April 2017


The female red squirrel returned for a prolonged feed to the Firs Chase garden on Friday 7th. The teats are much more noticeable on her at the moment, which might suggest she has young somewhere.
I managed to gently open the window of the house to take a number of photos without disturbing her- the first good photo-opportunity here for three months.

She was on the tree for about forty minutes during the first part of the morning. She had last visited here two afternoons previously. No sign of the male today so the female enjoyed her feed in peace!

Reaching into the feeder for the favourite hazel-nuts along with a few peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Sometimes the  red squirrels curl their tails over their backs but this time the big tail hung down, letting the sun show off how bright and bushy-tailed she is!

The recently installed deer antler tied to the tree was nibbled for the first time by the red squirrel. This will help reduce calcium deficiency in the nut diet of the squirrels, especially the females and young.

After satisfying her hunger, the female red squirrel reached over to the tiny-trug for a drink of water to wash down all those nuts, before scuttling back up the tree and high over Firs Chase.
Now that she had finished, I could finally get on with the rest of the day!

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