Wednesday, 5 July 2017


This young little owl was peering out at its surroundings from the nestbox in the Thorley's garden in East Mersea near Meeting Lane. These photos were passed to me by Michael on 17th June.

It is the first time the little owls have nested in this box on the garden shed in the back garden. 

Michael wasn't able to see how many chicks actually fledged from the box but presumably two or three youngsters have joined the small number of little owls already on the Island.

Another little owl seen in East Mersea recently was this one just north of the country park perched by some horse paddocks. Watched by Andy Field who saw it catch a vole just shortly after this photograph was taken on Wednesday 28th June.

The kestrels at the back of the park's grazing fields have had a bumper breeding season with these six youngsters perched on the branches near the nestbox. This pair have always been very productive with often four or five chicks fledging each year - but six is impressive this year. Photographed by Andy on the 28th June.

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