Saturday, 22 July 2017


Two common seal pups were found on the Cudmore Grove beach on Friday 14th with no sign of their mother in the area. Several people saw them on the beach, including John Feaveryear who took this photo and following advice from the Marine Mammals Rescue Unit, they were taken into care by the local West Mersea vets.

The two 3 week old pups appeared weak and in need of nursing back to health and had been on the beach for two days. The Blackwater Vets checked them over and then the pups were taken to the seal sanctuary in north Norfolk where they will spend the next few weeks before being released back into the wild.

Twelve years ago a similar thing happened to a very young grey seal pup found abandoned on the  East Mersea Point. Despite leaving it for two more high tides on the beach, there was still no sign of a parent, so following expert advice it was taken to the Norfolk seal sanctuary for a few weeks before being released back in north Essex.

John found this young pheasant beside the path between the East Mersea church and Rewsalls.

A hedgehog seen by John one evening recently at Coopers Beach.

A red squirrel was seen in Church Lane near Coopers Beach on Sunday 16th by John, sadly when he didn't have his camera with him.

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