Thursday, 3 November 2016


A female pintail was a rare visitor to the park pond on Monday 31st. They never stay around very long and this bird was only present in the morning. Three tufted duck and 3 shoveler joined some of the teal and mallard on the pond.
In the trees above the pond were 52 little egrets at the high tide roost in mid morning.

Wigeon numbers have been building up over the last month or so on the park's grazing fields with 1500 birds seen on Monday. This pair of wigeon have not quite finished moulting yet.

A sparrowhawk flew low over one of the fields and put all the hundreds of wildfowl up with the 1500 wigeon joining the 500 brent geese and 80 greylag geese.

The edge of the pond was strimmed on Monday to provide this marshy margin for birds especially water rails. The cut reedmace stems were raked off and dumped round the back of the pond. Hopefully there will be some nice bird views from the hide, visible in the background.

A red squirrel was scampering along the East Mersea road near the turning to Fen Farm early on Monday 31st. Luckily I saw the animal in time whilst driving as I had to brake sharply to avoid it. Thankfully the squirrel hopped into the verge and away from other passing traffic.

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