Monday, 14 November 2016


The small flock of seven waxwings were still at the country park on Monday 14th, showing on and off for the first half of the morning in the drizzle. This bird was perched just a few feet above my portacabin office in the car park and sat patiently while I took this photo in the dull light. Even in the dull conditions the crest gives the bird a very distinctive silhouette.

Andy Field managed to drag himself off his sick-bed so that he could take these three photos of the waxwings, whilst sitting in his car.

The waxwings were first noticed back in the car park about 8.30am when about five birds stayed for an hour or so feeding on some of the rowan and hawthorn berries near the buildings. Some of the birds were doing some fly-catching from the tops of the trees. The birds then flew north-west towards Bromans Lane. After about forty minutes the waxwings were back in the car park again.

Whilst standing in the middle of the overflow car park, I was able to enjoy the sight and sound of the waxwings perched up on three different sides of the car park, providing a surround-sound of trilling notes!
By 10.30 the birds had vanished despite being seemingly quite settled. Several other birdwatchers came late morning up until mid-afternoon but despite looking, there was no further sign of the waxwings. 

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