Sunday, 6 November 2016


The two snow buntings were still on the beach at East Mersea Point on a chilly but sunny Sunday 6th. Later in the day Steve Entwistle reported that a third snow bunting had joined the first two birds.

The two snow buntings were also photographed on Friday morning by Andy Field who took this picture and the one beneath.

The chilly and at times dull weather, has kept down the numbers of visitors to the Point, allowing the snow buntings to feed undisturbed.

An unexpected visitor to the park pond was this bearded tit, pictured poorly above at a distance, as it fed on a reedmace stem at the back of the pond. The bird seemed very restless as on at least three occasions in the morning it flew high into the air, pinging loudly, surveying the horizon, before dropping back down into the thick reedmace bed. The bird stayed around until mid morning before disappearing.

A snipe and a curlew were feeding on the grass near the hide and a bit later the water rail was seen by Steve. A flock of about 30 goldfinches was feeding in the alders.

Two common scoters were in the river Colne, seen from the Point. Both birds were the females, showing the distinctive pale face. Six common scoters were seen off the park on Friday by Andy.

Something spooked the big wigeon flock off the grazing fields and they all dropped into the dyke for safety. The four white-fronted geese were still feeding in the fields as were 93 greylag geese and 400 brent geese.

A stonechat worked its way along the seawall from the Point to halfway along the grazing fields. Fifty linnets were feeding in the fields. Two snipe flew out of the saltmarsh at the Point and a third snipe was resting on the main pool in the fields.

This little egret was studying the saltmarsh pool intently, as it paced slowly around.

Eight red-legged partridge were seen in a field by Bromans Lane by Steve on Sunday, while 17 were seen first thing on Tuesday 1st near the East Mersea road up the hill from the Strood.

A fox prowling around the back of the grazing fields on Friday was causing some consternation to the wigeon and geese, photographed by Andy.

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