Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Discovered three slow-worms resting under the plastic cover on our garden compost heap in Firs Chase on Monday 11th. They soon slid away after one or two photos had been quickly taken of them.

This slow-worm was much bigger than the other two, probably the female with a couple of males.
Slow-worms have become quite a regular sight at our compost heap in recent years.

A pair of robins was grateful one half of the compost heap was being dug up and spread on the beds and borders, as they had young to feed. They were very tame and happy to hop around the compost picking up small worms and other grubs. Their nest with young is tucked inside some ivy growing up the side of the house.
A blackbird was also checking out the compost heap when I had my back turned.

A pair of greenfinches was feeding on the sunflower seeds as was a pair of chaffinches. In the trees above a goldfinch, chiffchaff, blackcap and song thrush were singing while a goldcrest was singing with a flock of long tailed tits.
A sparrowhawk and a great spotted woodpecker were seen flying low over the garden.

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