Monday, 25 April 2016


Two red squirrels have been making daily visits to the garden in Firs Chase in recent days. This red individual spent several minutes in the late afternoon sunshine on Saturday 23rd eating nuts from the feeder.

The same individual was back again the next afternoon on Sunday, again for several minutes feeding on the hazelnuts and monkey-nuts.
The feeder has also been getting early morning visits recently from at least one individual, sometimes both. One was seen just after 7am on Sunday 24th.

After feeding the red squirrel headed up the tree and crossed high over Firs Chase to the trees on the other side.

The very pale red squirrel has also been a regular visitor in recent days, being seen twice within an hour on Monday afternoon. The first visit it climbed down the cedar tree past the feeder to check out the ground below presumably for fallen nuts. It was pictured on its second visit above, having just eaten a monkey nut. It then disappeared up and over the road.
We've just ordered a big bag of 10kg of red squirrel nuts to keep up with their appetites!

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