Friday, 15 April 2016


A grey heron paid a visit to the country park pond late afternoon on Tuesday 12th. It stalked round the edge of the pond in search of food and worthy of a few photos.

This adult bird in bright breeding plumage really caught the eye, especially the bright red-orange bill and the bold black stripes down the chest. It's been one of the smartest looking herons seen here for sometime!

The heron waded round the edge of the pond peering down into the water.

On a couple of occasions the heron caught something and tossed it up in the air to swallow it. Zooming in on this image suggested it might've been catching tadpoles. Calls of the common toad have been heard coming from the edge of the pond in recent days.

The typical view of a grey heron at the pond is usually when it's roosting in bushes or the reeds at the back.

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