Monday, 11 April 2016


A red squirrel visited our garden feeder in Firs Chase early on Sunday 10th and gave my wife Nolly and I great views for about twenty minutes. It's the second morning running we've seen a squirrel in our trees. We've also begun to recognise the sound of a squirrel running along the roof of our house while we lie in bed early in the morning!

The squirrel would fetch a nut from the feeder and take it a metre higher up the tree so it could sit on a big branch to eat it. It seemed to like the monkey nuts and in this picture above, a hazelnut which it took a few minutes to eat.

This individual has a uniform reddy-brown colouration, differing from a greyish looking squirrel we've had at the feeder recently. It was only last Tuesday five days earlier that both coloured squirrels were seen up trees in neighbouring gardens.

A little bit of an itch on its tummy needed a scratch with a back-leg!

Head inside the feeder plucking out another nut to eat higher up the tree.
After the squirrel had had enough, it scampered high into the outer branches of the cedar tree and crossed over Firs Chase to the trees on the other side.

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