Friday, 22 April 2016


At least one of the ruff was present for a second day on the park's grazing fields on Wednesday 20th. The bird was hard to watch as it fed between clumps of docks and tussocks of rushes. This digi-scoped photo by Andy Field shows the pale head and black markings on the neck.

Around the main part of the park 3 willow warblers and 2 lesser whitethroats were singing from various corners.

The common seal seen stranded by the high tide on Tuesday afternoon, was seen swimming out to sea at 9pm that day once the tide came back in.

An adder seen by Andy enjoying the late evening sun  on Tuesday. There were three adders seen the next day.

The first appearance of the season of this turnip moth was one of half a dozen moths that were found in the trap first thing on Thursday morning. The only other moths recorded on another cold and clear night were Hebrew characters.

Another appearance at the Firs Chase garden feeder on Wednesday morning was this dark red squirrel, seen here nibbling a slice of dried banana.

The red squirrel was watched for about fifteen minutes and as well as eating a few nuts, made half a dozen dashes up the cedar tree to stash away each time a single nut inside a clump of old needles on the outer branches.

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